Assay and Analysis

There are a number of ways to assay material. At GBA, we understand that our customers have a variety of needs, and that is why we offer both the XRF and fire assay.

Our preferred method of settlement with customers is fire assay, as it is the most accurate. We do know, however, that not everyone has the time that fire assay requires, so the XRF is a great alternative.

We provide third-party assay services, so feel free to contact us for more information.

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

X-ray Fluorescence, also known as XRF or X-ray assaying, is quick and accurate. This method of determining the percentage of precious metals is a relatively new technology.  X-ray assaying is far less destructive to metals than its counter part (fire assaying). X-ray assaying can be done straight away in any of our locations in approximately 5 minutes. Depending on the material, further testing will need to be done to get an accurate analysis.

Fire Assay

Fire assaying is the classic method of measuring purity.  This is the chosen method of settlement at GBA.  Although it is widely accepted as the most accurate method of analysis, it is totally destructive.  The principal advantage of fire assay is that it is accurate to 1 part in 10000.  This service will take approximately 24-48 hours. Please call us or drop by one of our locations for further information



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