Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a safe, secure, and transparent process you have come to the right place. Ensuring the highest accuracy and fastest turn around times in Alaska is something that we have worked hard to achieve. We have created an unparalleled track record of having the highest level of customer service and we treat every customer with the same level of respect, large or small.
Yes, the principal of GBA is a Master Jeweler with over 40 years in the business. He has a great eye for grading diamonds, and will make a very competitive offer on your stone.
Yes, for a small fee we would be glad to melt your material into an ingot. Contact us for more information.
Yes, we can take in all kinds of material for testing. Typically these materials take some time to analyze, and process. Feel free to contact us at one of our locations for more information.
At GBA we have a number of ways you can receive your payment. We offer a pool account where you can have your material processed and credited to your account, and you can cash out whenever you would like. Also the standard ways such as check, wire transfer, or trade for metals. Check our inventory sheet to see what we have in stock.
On gold, silver, and PGMs we will process and have full payment within 24 hours.
Every coin is different so in order to provide the appropriate offer we would need to see the coin or you should be prepared to provide us with all the information about it. Such as the type, grade, year, mint mark and any other information you may know about it