Sellers Process

A Guide for Selling Gold to GBA.

The process explained step by step…

1. Receiving

 The material is received and weighed.  At GBA we only use scales  that have been accredited by the state of Alaska, and that are legal for trade. Weights are recorded and reported to the customer to ensure there is no discrepancy. After weights are finalized, the processing begins.



2. Processing

The material is then melted in one of our gas and induction furnaces. Depending on the type of material, a unique flux will be added to extract impurities. The flux will create a slag that is removed from the bar after it is poured into a mold.  Once the material has the proper flux added and has been melted into a completely molten state, it is mixed to insure it is homogenous.  A sample is then taken with a vacuum pin tube that will be later used for analysis.  Finally, a dore bar is poured and cooled.  Once cooled, the slag is then knocked off, and the bar and sample are reweighed for recording.

3. Assaying

Now comes the most important step – assaying.  The sample is tested utilizing the XRF or fire assay. The XRF is a quick and accurate way of determining the content of the sample, whereas the fire assay is a time-consuming process that is the preferred method at GBA for determining content.

You can find more information about both techniques here

4. Reporting

Once the assay is complete, it is time to report. The assay numbers are combined with the after-melt weights to determine the content of the material. We will provide you a receipt with all the vital information needed to review your return.


5. Pricing

GBA is flexible, and material can be priced in a number of ways. We can lock in your material at the time of receipt as long as the markets are open.  Otherwise, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are fixed on the 2nd London fix the following day.

We also offer a unique pool account where you can leave your gold on consignment with us at no additional charge.  Whenever you see a market price you like, you can cash out in whatever increments you would like.

gold buyers of alaska6. Return

We have now reached a point where we pay up.

– Check (no charge)

– Wire ($35)

– Trade for Bullion or coins.

– Pool

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